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ADERLA has been specializing in bags since 2009 manufacturing premium bag products.
After development 11 years, our product cover luggage, backpack, duffel bag, travel bag, musical instruments bag, sports bag, pet bag, Gun Bag, Tool Bag, school bag, Fishing Bag, leather bag, shopping bag, canvas bag, cotton bag, cooler bag, packing cube...

Our production process (passes the most strict) factory quality control standards which is proven to conform fully to international safety standards and customer expectations.

Our partners are all relevant and renowned market participants ranging from large multinational companies. Local retail to wholesale stores, independent local traders, and B2B entrepreneurs. Therefore, Aderla is a partner of choice to best meet the needs of our business partners with an optimal mix of product offerings, services, and flexibility.

With a team of passionate professional experts we offer complete and comprehensive design, produce. Our manufacturing group continues to innovate and be a pioneer in the bag field.
Our aim is to generate sustainable business growth and to create added value for our business partners.
Join us, to get our omnidirectional service.

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Customer Service: aderlabag@gmail.com
Sourcing department: sales@aderlabag.com


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Add: Unit A1,7/F Cheuk Nang Plaza 250 Hennessy RD.,Wanchai,HK

Email: sales@aderlabag.com

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