Choosing a Bag from Aderla Group LTD.
We have many different types of bags available at Aderla Group LTD.;
Hiking Bags
cooler bags
Light weight cabin bags
Larger luggage bags

When you choose a bag for yourself, you should pay attention the following;
The size
How big a bag do you need?
What do you want to carry?
What size bag is suitable for your height?

Other considerations in choosing a bag should be;
Choosing the style of bag is very personal that is why here at Aderla Group LTD. we have available a variety of styles available in an assortment of colours to suit even the most discerning buyer
Our backpacks are made using a high strength nylon. In general we use the Denier, Denier number the higher the number the stronger the material will be.
We are able to use a variety of material strengths during the manufacture process.
Generally we use materials between a 420D for light usage and 1680D for our Backpacks we use a minimum of 600D. All our bags are manufactured using a DuPont Cordura fabric.
You can usually tell a bags quality from the quality of the fastener. The fasteners on a bag are the parts that take the most punishment in terms of usage, so it is important to Aderla Group LTD.that our products are fitted with the highest quality of fastener available
All our bags are manufactured in our factory to the highest quality using a skilled workforce.

Additional Notes

To determine what size backpack would be most suitable it would be better to ask your family or friends help you to measure you torso length.
Torso length refers to the distance from your seventh block spine (that is, your neck and shoulders at the junction of the most prominent piece of bone) to your hips parallel to that distance between the vertebrae.
This length should be same as the body of the bag.

if your torso length is less 45cm, you should buy a small one;
if your torso length is from 45-52CM, you should buy a middle one;
If your torso length is more 52cm, you should buy a large one.

The point of support is about 10 cm above the tail bone.
The shoulder straps pivot should be just below the shoulder, force adjustment pivot above the shoulder, easy to adjust.


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