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How to protect yourself from coronavirus(COVID-19)?

A chinese girl from Wuhan personally cared for her mother with Coronavirus for more than ten days without being infected, why she can do better, lets share her experiences as following:

1. Wear

Wear an ordinary hoodie inside. Then glossy jackets worn on outer. Because it is easy to disinfect by rubbing alcohol on the surface.

2. Hair

Before going out every day, tie up hair, wrap it in a shower cap, then put on hat of hoodie, and tie the rope tightly.

3. Masks

Wear two masks, the inner layer is N95, and the outer layer is a common medical mask. Make sure to replace it every 4 or 5 hours.

4. Goggles

It is best to wear goggles. I don't have it, so I wear myopia glasses. Don't rub your eyes with your hands when you are outside, even if your eyes are itchy.

5. Gloves

Wear gloves. I wear disposable poly gloves. Don’t touch sharp items, I often change them, because I am afraid that my gloves might broken and I will be at risk of infection.

6. Change

Whether changing masks or gloves, be careful not to get the exposed side of mask or gloves on your skin.

7. Disinfection in hospital

When going in and out, always pay attention to disinfection with the disinfectant provided in the hospital.

8. Disinfection when go out

Fill the spray can with 75% alcohol and carry it with you. The hospital used it for disinfection after leaving.

9. Clean up when get home

*Thoroughly clean up immediately after returning home.

*Disinfect the car, clothes, hats, pants and soles with alcohol. 

*Hot shower for half an hour. 

*The outer jacket was taken off and hung on the balcony ventilation place. 

*Wash the clothes and pants in the washing machine and dry them for half an hour.

10. The most important, DONT EAT WITH THE PATIENT, DO REMEMBER! 

This nightmare will eventually pass, hope everything is fine!


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