Fishing bag

  • AF2120
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  • AF2120


  • Material: 1000D nylon
  • Size:customized
  • LOGO: customized
  • Product description: Manufacture, distribution, wholesale fishing bag, OEM ODM acceptable.
Water-resistant & Durable: The water-resistant 1000D high-density nylon fabric Fishing Bag, not only keeps your gears dry while fishing, camping or hiking, but also can guarantee you safe travel and help protect your gear. The exquisite craftsmanship and firm stitching ensure a long life of use for the bag in your fishing arsenal.
Innovative & Versatile Bag: fishing tackle bag is a bag with many possibilities. With its zipped-design shoulder strap and extra waist strap, you can easily use the bag as a backpack, chest bag, handbag, or sling bag. A perfect tackle bag to meet your different needs according to various outdoor scenarios.
Comfortable and Ergonomic: The comfortable and breathable shoulder strap and back cushion can reduce the stress from the bag to your shoulders and back. The extra waist strap can prevent the bag from shaking while you’re walking or running, which can greatly reduce your fatigue and discomfort during a whole day’s use.
Multiple Storage Compartments: The large size of the outdoor storage bag can hold up to 3 3700 boxes, while the standard size is capable of 2 3600 boxes in the main compartment. Besides the main compartment,  also has two external front pockets and a back pocket, which can be used to organize your small tackle like fishing lines, soft plastics, or filming accessories for your trip.
Multifunctional Tackle Bag: In addition to the compartments mentioned above, the Fishing Bag is also equipped with the side pocket, bottle pocket, bottom slot, and plenty of molle straps and D-rings, which can easily and safely hold your fishing rods, water bottle, keys, clothes, fishing pliers, fish lip gripper, etc.

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